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Daily confession on walking in love

Daily confession (by Kenneth E. Hagin)

Make this confession from your heart:
"The love of God has been shed abroad in my heart by the Holy Ghost. I shall endeavor to let that love nature dominate me. I have God’s love nature in my heart — in my spirit. Therefore, I’ll not let my natural human reasoning dominate me. I refuse to allow the flesh to rule me. I’m going to walk in the Spirit by walking in love. I am a lover, not a hater. I will practice and exercise the fruit of love so that it can grow and increase. One way I will practice the God-kind of love is by taking no thought for a suffered wrong. I will also practice thinking the best of every person so my love can grow and develop, and I can be a blessing to many. I will make the love of God my great quest in life, for then my love shall abound, and God shall reap the glory."