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Tampa, Florida

Von 21-25 März 2014 diente ich in Tampa, Florida in der Renovate Church und der Tampa School of Supernatural Ministry.

Here are a few highlights of what the Lord did on that trip (in english):

Before I made my way to Tampa the Lord spoke to me that he wants to heal 3 people on my way there. The first person I met was a man with a neck brace at Redding airport. We were waiting for the flight so I began to talk to him and prayed for his neck (he was in a car accident not long ago). He took of his brace immediately and said he felt something like "voltage power" going through his neck. He mentioned that he has native american roots and knows a lot about the spirit realm, and that he felt "a spiritual thing" moving at his neck.
I began to talk to him a little bit more about the gospel of Jesus Christ and he was very thankful that I prayed for him.

I met another woman in a wheelchair soon after who was very thankful that I took time for her.

Tampa, FloridaAfter i arrived in Tampa airport, I went for lunch together with my friends Bruno Negrillo and Louis Rivera.
In the restaurant I got a word of knowledge for a lady who was eating behind us. I asked if she had back pain and the lady said yes. I prayed and she got instantly healed. She began crying and thanking me and God for what had happened. The other lady sitting with her was in awe of what just happened and told us that she has been preaching the gospel to the other lady for years with no positive results. She had prayed the night before that her friend (the lady who got healed) would have a sign from heaven to let her know God is real. Well today she encountered the Love and Power of God!!! Before we left the restaurant we found out that the lady who got healed is the owner of the restaurant and wanted to bless us with a free meal. God is so Good!

On Sunday I preached at Renovate Church and after the service the entire church was at the front crying out for more of God. There was a strong prophetic anointing and miracles took place.
The people of this church are very hungry for God, having excellent leaders with Steven Morgan and April Lewis who model a lifestyle of pursuing the presence of God like few I've seen.
Many people from other churches came as well.

The following Tuesday I taught in their school of ministry on "abiding in Christ" out of John 15:5.

Thank you for your prayers for my travels to promote the gospel of Jesus Christ until the knowledge of the glory of the Lord covers the earth as the waters cover the sea.