Orphanage in India / Sponsor a Child in Uganda

Philipp Schmerold Ministries partners with Sarah's Covenant Homes, an incredible orphanage in Hyderabad, India, that rescues abandoned children with special needs and provides them with education, therapy, medical care, needed surgeries, and a loving family-style home to thrive in while they wait for adoption.




Sarah's covenant homes

Our Mission

We exist to love previously abandoned children with medical and special needs in India by caring for their physical, emotional, spiritual, medical and educational needs in a family environment.

Who We Serve

We care for 167 previously abandoned children and young adults with range of medical and special needs such as epilepsy, cerebral palsy, hemiplegia, cognitive challenges, hydrocephalus, brain damage, autism, orthopedic challenges, blindness, hearing loss, and spina bifida.

Our Services

We rescue children from overcrowded and understaffed institutional orphanages. When they arrive in our care, they are often malnourished and have unmet medical needs. We parter with some of the best local hospitals and doctors to get them healthy. Our family environment help these previously abandoned children feel loved, celebrated, and accepted. We then provide physical therapy, early intervention, nursing care, and educational opportunities to help each child reach his or her fullest potential. Learn more about our six homes at schindia.com/ourhomes/

A Lifetime Commitment

Our hope is that many of our children will be adopted into forever families, but for those won’t, we are committed to them for life–- they will never “age out” of SCH and be left to fend for themselves.

Stars of hope uganda


This is a project from a our trusted friend Edwine B. from Fort Portal, Uganda, that enables children to cover schooling costs in order to create hope for a brighter future.